Sunday, October 7, 2007

Ready to roll. Ingredients list...

I have been looking at drawing short courses here in Melbourne at the local uni's and art schools, and they are damned expensive. I've done some life drawing along the line too, but I found there was TOO much information. Good, but just too dense. Or maybe that's me...

After looking at John K's animation blog, I have decided to jump in and start the lessons he has on there. And of course, it's FREE! Yes indeed. Unless you donate to his site of course. I think all proceeds go to the Asthma Hound Foundation...

Here's the first point of contact, the Animation Archive, which refers to the John K site.


  • CARTOON ANIMATION - Preston Blair - From Minotaur in Melbourne (about 60 bucks!)
  • PAPER - Visual diary type book with 110gsm paper
  • PENCIL - mechanical pencil with REALLY fat 2B leads
  • BLOG - This blogger thingy
  • SCANNER/CAMERA - A scanner or digi cam to capture pics for comment and comparison, fun and profit!

OK, the pencil is so silky smooth and nice. Great.

So, I thought I'd quickly look at the lessons available and mark in the Preston Blair book which pages they relate to, just so I don't go ahead and cheat...

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